Handbook of the Good Host

Handbook of the Good Host

Image of kitchenEvery host gets mad with chaos in the kitchen and this is completely normal. Sometimes it’s happening, so it’s pretty hard to clean after cooking for holidays and special occasions, so, for this reason, we decided to write some practical tips on how to be a good host.

1 – You can use a mixture of bleach, a quarter glass of bread soda and 400 g of warm water to clean the glowing kitchen utensils. The mixture should sit for ten minutes before it can be used.

2 – Blender cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks. but if you fill it with boiling water and put 1-2 drops of dishwashing detergent can get a good effect. Close the appliance and turn it on for about ten to twenty seconds, then rinse it and dry it with a dry cloth.

3 – Iron pots are cleaned with a standard detergent for washing stoves and dishes, after this procedure you have the possibility to remove the black spots by using tap water and vinegar.

4 – Spots of coffee and nicotine on your porcelain can be removed by rubbing with moistened cloth and soda.

5 – For efficient cleaning of pans, trays and other household baking trays, it is advisable to rub them with a detergent while they are hot. The next step is to be covered with a cloth and sit for 30-40 minutes. The good result is guaranteed.

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And before you roll up your sleeves and start preparing for the table, take care of your home. The good host always welcomes guests in a clean and tidy home. End of tenancy cleaning London can help you. For more information click here. We wish you a nice and successful day.

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