Glass Tiles – What To Use Them For

Glass Tiles – What To Use Them For

Glass tiles are a real treasure – they look great, they are resistant to mechanical effects (hard to scratch and break), they are resistant to temperature changes. They are easy to clean and have not only a high but amazing decorative value. You can use them anywhere. We’ll tell you where you use it most often, then relax your imagination. We have a solution for those who do not like to clean. You can check the end of tenancy cleaning reviews of each company and choose the best for your needs.

An accent in the kitchen

Put glass tiles on the wall behind the sink. Natural sunlight during the day and the

Image of glass tiles
Glass tiles

light from the lamp over the sink in the evening, combined with water and glass tiles, will give a wonderful glow. Select the tiles in a color that matches the main color of the kitchen or in a contrasting color to make them really accented

In front of or around the fireplace

This is a really great solution. The yellow-red-orange tongues of the lit fire will be reflected in the glass tile and will illuminate the room with soft light. Do you imagine how much more comfortable to sit next to the fireplace in the winter evenings?

The bathroom


Image of bathroom

Why not get a sea blue, glass tile at least for one wall? Or sky blue? Or rather orange, like a sunshine – especially if your bathroom has a window and you can put it against it! So the natural light in the wet room will be many times more. The bathroom has long been a place not only for bathing but for a complete relaxation. Glass tiles will definitely contribute to its coziness.

In the pool and / or yard

No matter how beautiful the glass tiles are in your home, in the garden you can really enjoy all their glamor. Think of the best place to put a glass tile panel to reflect the richness of colors and the light of your garden.
No matter what color glass tiles you choose, their greatest dignity is always there – they reflect the light and the colors of the surrounding objects and create a sense of more space with a fairy atmosphere.

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