Autumn home cleaning

Autumn home cleaning

In autumn it is time to do general cleaning. The reasons for this are at least three. One is related to the cleaning of the harmful dust that enters the street. The other is that we will keep our furniture in good shape and prevent them from getting old. Last but not least, at home is nice.


Image of summer clothes
Summer clothes

The most time-consuming task is changing the summer clothes with autumn and winter. First of all, you have to be full of patience. Take clothes that are small to you and those you think are not modern or you are tired of wearing. The other clothes wash, take a dry cleaning if necessary and take them away. Do not forget the aromas – according to your taste, they can be pine, lavender, vanilla, apple and cinnamon, orange and others. Clean your summer shoes before putting them on the back of the wardrobe. Turn the natural leather shoes with a suitable detergent. Crush the old newspapers into a ball and put them in the shoes that are likely to be crushed.

To do list

This is a mandatory cleaning point – it will probably take you one Sunday afternoon.

Image of "To do" list
“To do” list

For the cleaning of the home, the to-do list also includes laundry on the couch and carpets, window cleaning, wardrobes, blankets, stoves, refrigerators, bathrooms, floors, etc. Use environmentally friendly products and make sure you do not damage the furniture while you work. Here you can look for a cleaning company – you will save time, nerves and money. In principle, the price is worth it, especially if you do a little research of the companies in your region about price and quality ( for example I always trust Carpet Cleaning Essex and I am happy with their services).

Finally some more tips always work with gentler cleaning materials to avoid damaging the surface of the appliances or furniture. Click To Tweet

If you suspect that the product is not suitable, try it in an inconspicuous place. Do not clean the electrical appliances without checking for damage to the product and always follow the instructions.

I wish you success in autumn cleaning!

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